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Lithium Battery Pack

For Energy Storage

Power Generator Built-in Lithium Battery
Prefect for Home Energy Storage

All-In-One ST6000

Quieter & Cleaner

Lithium Battery
Durable & Safety

Wall-mounted X100

Less is more

51.2V 100AH~200AH

Lithium Battery
Durable & Safety

Modular& Stacked P100

Lithium Battery

51.2V 100-900Ah

Lithium Battery
Low- speed vehicle

Lithium-ion Battery Pack

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Questions? Answers.

1. High safety: Lithium iron phosphate batteries are more safe and stable compared to other types of lithium-ion batteries. They have a lower risk of thermal runaway, are less prone to explosions or fires, and can operate in a wider temperature range.

2. Long lifespan: Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a longer cycle life, meaning they can undergo more charge-discharge cycles without significant performance degradation. This makes them well-suited for applications that require long-term use and high cycle counts, such as solar energy storage systems and electric vehicles.

3. High energy density: Lithium iron phosphate batteries have a high energy density, allowing for longer runtimes and higher energy output. This makes them highly useful in devices that require high energy density and lightweight designs.

4. Rapid charging capability: Lithium iron phosphate batteries have higher charging efficiency and faster charging speeds compared to other lithium-ion batteries. They can be charged more quickly, reducing waiting times and improving overall efficiency.

5. Environmental friendliness: Lithium iron phosphate batteries do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium or mercury, resulting in less environmental pollution. Additionally, they do not exhibit memory effect and do not require deep discharge cycles to maintain performance, making them easier to maintain and handle.

Overall, lithium iron phosphate batteries offer advantages such as high safety, long lifespan, high energy density, rapid charging capability, and environmental friendliness. These benefits make them an ideal choice for various applications, including solar energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and portable devices.

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